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In the 1st quantity we established quantum mechanics at the goal description of macroscopic units. The additional improvement of the quantum mechanics of atoms, molecules, and collision techniques has been defined in [2]. during this context additionally the standard description of composite platforms via tensor items of Hilbert areas has been brought. this system will be officially extrapolated to platforms composed of "many" ele­ mentary platforms, even arbitrarily many. One previously had the opinion that this "extrapolated quantum mechanics" is a extra complete idea than the objec­ tive description of macrosystems, an opinion which generated unsurmountable diffi­ culties for explaining the measuring technique. With admire to our beginning of quan­ tum mechanics on macroscopic objectivity, this opinion could suggest that our founda­ tion isn't any origin in any respect. the duty of this moment quantity is to realize a compatibility among the target description of macrosystems and an extrapolated quantum mechanics. therefore in X we identify the "statistical mechanics" of macrosystems as a idea extra compre­ hensive than an extrapolated quantum mechanics. in this foundation we resolve the matter of the measuring strategy in quantum mechan­ ics, in XI constructing a concept which describes the measuring approach as an interplay among microsystems and a macroscopic gadget. This idea additionally permits to calculate "in precept" the observable measured via a tool. Neither an incorporation of attention nor a mysterious mind's eye equivalent to "collapsing" wave packets are necessary.

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In §3 we shall give a more specialized example for an approximate embedding. 20) can be approximately fulfilled. The given considerations in no way show how the trajectory space Sm and the mapping Sb o can be chosen for real systems. It appears hopeless to solve this problem "in generality" if one recalls that systems as the mentioned aquarium with fish ought to be included. On the other hand, it appears conceivable that one could indeed find a general mathematical formulation for determining Sm and Sho' although this problem is practically unsolvable in complicated cases.

RKm(EJ separates the set L(Ez ). This assumption just means that two different registration effects of the states at time t = 0 cannot have the same frequencies for all preparable ensembles. 5) or to discuss imprecise embeddings (see § 3). Due to this assumption, r86 m(Em) is dense in 86(E z ). From rK(Em)=K(E z ) then follows rKm(Em) = K(E z ); hence Km(Em)~K(Ez) is surjective. The set Km(Em) determines the dynamics inasmuch as a ueKm(Em) determines the distribution over the trajectories. e. that the mapping Km(EJ~K(Ez) is injective.

QK is properly smaller than QK for ,> 0). If such a "Nagy case" occurs, one can perform the following construction. 24) Let the present Km correspond to the set called to the set denoted by Km(1':m). 25) then holds as a mapping from Km into K Q . 25) a mathematical model for the fact that a contractive semigroup V; can be homomorphic to the semigroup Olt;. ' Qw. 20) can be satisfied "approximately for, that are not too large". "Approximately" because one must (for not too large ,) approximate the discrete frequency spectrum by a continuous one.

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