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By Gunnar E. Carlsson, Ralph L. Cohen, Wu-Chung Hsiang, John D.S. Jones

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In 1989-90 the Mathematical Sciences learn Institute performed a application on Algebraic Topology and its functions. the most components of focus have been homotopy concept, K-theory, and purposes to geometric topology, gauge conception, and moduli areas. Workshops have been carried out in those 3 parts. This quantity contains invited, expository articles at the themes studied in this application. They describe fresh advances and aspect to attainable new instructions. they need to end up to be valuable references for researchers in Algebraic Topology and comparable fields, in addition to to graduate scholars.

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85]. Therefore O∗ (B) is tensored and cotensored over T . However, the categories O(B) and O∗ (B) are insufficient for our purposes. 1 for open maps f : A −→ B, which is unduly restrictive. For example, we need the adjunction (∆∗ , ∆∗ ), where ∆ : B −→ B × B is the diagonal map. Even more importantly, the generating cofibrations of our q-type model structures cannot be restricted to have open projection maps. We record a comparison between K /B and U /B and between KB and UB . Since we have little homotopical control of the construction, we rarely use it.

3, but is of independent conceptual interest. 9. 6), we obtain isomorphisms Y ∧B f! f ∗ Z ∼ = f! (f ∗ Y ∧A f ∗ Z) ∼ = f! f ∗ (Y ∧B Z). The counit f! f ∗ −→ id of the adjunction (f! , f ∗ ) induces maps from the left and right terms to Y ∧B Z, and the evident diagram commutes, so that these induced maps agree under the isomorphism. 7), we obtain isomorphisms FB (Y, f∗ f ∗ Z) ∼ = f∗ FA (f ∗ Y, f ∗ Z) ∼ = FB (f! f ∗ Y, Z). The unit id −→ f∗ f ∗ and counit f! f ∗ −→ id of our adjunctions induce maps from FB (Y, Z) to the left and right terms, and the evident diagram commutes, so that these induced maps agree under the isomorphism.

The first is given by composing the projection of an object in C /A with the map f to obtain a projection to B, and the other two are defined by the same pullbacks as the corresponding functors in the sectioned case. We again get two pairs of adjoint functors, (f! , f ∗ ) and (f ∗ , f∗ ). The results of the following section go through just as well in this simpler setting. 2. Compatibility relations The term “compatibility relation” has been used in algebraic geometry in the context of Grothendieck’s six functor formalism in sheaf theory that relates base change functors to tensor product and internal hom functors.

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