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Within the Fifties, Eilenberg and Steenrod offered their well-known characterization of homology conception via seven axioms. a little bit later, it used to be discovered that conserving simply the 1st six of those axioms (all other than the situation at the "homology" of the point), you'll receive many different attention-grabbing platforms of algebraic invariants of topological manifolds, corresponding to $K$-theory, cobordisms, and others.

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E. , gr ∈ O(X) with ri=1 gi fi = 1. In particular regular functions without zeros are invertible. For convenience of notation we shall from now on denote the objects in T A simply by capital letters X, Y, ... and, in analogy to algebraic sets, O(X), O(Y ), ... their associated algebras of regular functions. 8. An object Y ∈ T A is called an affine variety (over the field k) if Y ∼ = X → k n with some Zariski closed set X in some affine n-space k n . We denote AV ⊂ T A the full subcategory with the affine varieties as objects.

Now endow X × Y with the π-quotient structure with respect to the natural map π : Z −→ X × Y , which on Ziµ is just the inclusion into X × Y . If we can show that π(Ziµ ) ⊂ X × Y is open and π|Ziµ : Ziµ −→ π(Ziµ ) an isomorphism, we are done. To that end let (Ziµ )jν := Uij × Vµν ⊂ Ziµ , considered as open (ringed) subspace of Ziµ , where Uij := Ui ∩ Uj and Vµν := Vµ ∩ Vν . We have to check that the identity map id (Ziµ )jν −→ (Zjν )iµ is an isomorphism. That can be done locally: Take a point (x, y) ∈ Uij × Vµν .

A complex analytic space without singular points is called nonsingular or smooth; its connected components form complex manifolds. 11. The singular locus S(X) of a complex analytic space X is a nowhere dense closed subset of X, locally given as the zero locus (:= set of zeros) of finitely many holomorphic functions. Its complement X \ S(X) is called the regular locus of X. 12. For the Neil parabola X := N (C2 ; T22 − T13 ) and the noose Y := N (C2 ; T22 − T12 (T1 + 1)) the only singular point of Xh resp.

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